Our Process

Our approach is rooted in the fundamental belief that creating wealth and achieving financial independence require diligence and strategic planning. We start by understanding your priorities, goals, and values. From there we craft a personalized plan aimed at helping you achieve your objectives. Our independence enables us to construct portfolios using an open architecture, providing access to a wide range of solutions.


This is an important information gathering session where we gain a clear understanding of your financial picture. We learn about what is important to you, what your goals are, and the values you live by. This step will yield the building blocks that will become the foundation of your financial plan.

Develop A Customized Plan​

After the discovery meeting, it's time to create your plan to set you up for long-term success. We analyze your current financial situation to determine where we can make improvements, and then develop a strategy that best positions you to meet your goals.


We present an investment strategy tailored to your specific goals, alongside personalized financial planning recommendations. We review the plan together, answer questions, and fill in any knowledge gaps before implementing.

Monitor, Update & Communicate

As a part of our continued commitment to your journey, we'll proactively keep you informed of any new developments that may impact your plan. We'll meet periodically to review your portfolio and discuss any changes to your financial situation.